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Plenty of Praise for Cannabis Oil to Treat Breast Cancer

We at Medical Cannabis Oils have plenty of praise for cannabis oil to treat breast cancer. We have heard plenty of anecdotal evidence that cannabis oil can treat breast cancer. We have read studies about cannabis oil, done in laboratories, where cannabis oil can stop cancer cells in their tracks. This natural remedy has no negative side effects and does not affect the body’s healthy cells. Cannabis oil can also treat the symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy prescribed to breast cancer patients.

Praise as Cannabis Oil Treats Breast Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main cannabinoids used to treat cancer. This cannabinoid is a natural antioxidant, it is non-psychotic, a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer, an anti-depressant and it is anti-anxiety too. Studies have shown how CBD can cause the cell death of breast cancer cells. These studies also revealed how CBD can force cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death (a process which happens naturally to healthy cells). They are forced to commit suicide where usually they would continue to spread and grow, never dying. CBD also prevents cancer tumours from growing and spreading around the body.

Women are Praising Cannabis Oil When it Heals Them

So many women are offering plenty of praise for cannabis oil to treat breast cancer because they have tried chemotherapy and other drugs. They have tried radiation. When they get to try cannabis oil, it is often in desperation and then it works. It is best to take the cannabis oil in conjunction with a healthy, raw food diet, free from chemicals, processed foods and additives. Many breast cancer patients start a juicing diet with plenty of raw vegetables. This strengthens the body’s fight against disease as it strengthens the immune system.

Revealing Research About Cannabis Oil for Breast Cancer

Research is revealing the fact that cannabinoids can actually control the signalling pathways which are the core of the spread and growth of cancer cells. This means the cancer cells cannot progress and form tumours, and the cannabinoids also force cancer cells to die. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the best cannabinoid to use to fight cancer but people avoid it because it makes them high and can have other side effects.

But when THC is blended with CBD, it loses this psychoactive quality and it becomes a benign cancer fighter. The blended cannabis oil is the best antidote to breast cancer and there is now plenty of praise for this cannabis oil to treat breast cancer.

CBD is Highly Praised to Treat Breast Cancer

A recent study reports that CBD hinders the growth of breast cancer and stops tumours from forming and spreading. The world agrees that we urgently require a natural therapy to fight and beat breast cancer. We need to focus more on cannabis oils which have negligible side effects. It is incredible that a substance from a plant, cannabis, can kill breast cancer cells. This means that more research into the use of cannabis oil to treat breast cancer is vital as praise for this natural remedy grows!

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